The Advantages of Tempark

Saving money

Depending on subgrade needs, TemPark can be less costly than traditional asphalt. It even provides attractive tax benefits including deductions on installation and removal costs for the contract term. In addition, TemPark can be removed and reinstalled at another site, allowing customers to recover up to 50% of the initial low cost. TemPark is guaranteed to cost a minimum of 30% less than leasing an off-site lot. TemPark also allows for a single, consolidated storage space as opposed to many costly sites.

Saving time

TemPark’s experienced crews can install up to 2 acres of TemPark per day – up to 80% less construction time than required by conventional asphalt lots. TemPark™ is the first high-quality, low-cost temporary parking alternative. It rolls over gravel, soil, wood chips, and any other surface.


From an environmental perspective, TemPark delivers effective erosion control and storm water management, optimizing existing drainage flows and re-seeding any ditches, exactly as specified by local code specifications.

The TemPark structure is 100% permeable. A mesh core, sandwiched and heat-fused between top and bottom geotextile surfaces, allows water to easily pass through the substrate and readily drain into the soil, eliminating runoff problems and any need for retention basins. And while the underlying soil is not denied necessary moisture, it cannot migrate to the surface’s clean top. Less sophisticated temporary solutions – gravel, wood chips, or shredded recycled rubber tires – result in an undesirable surface when excessive rain washes away the temporary surface, leaving a muddy, unstable and potentially damaging muck.