One of the Big Three automobile manufacturers

Virginia Beach, VA – 10 Acres


Project Scope: One of the Big Three auto manufacturers had been leasing multiple off-site parking areas, making inventory management difficult. The costs of transporting vehicles between sites plus the expenses of additional damage, inspection and security were high. Alternative permanent sites were found to be cost prohibitive, with permitting requiring one to two years.

TemPark Advantage: Because of its soil characteristics, the local county’s former ten-acre landfill could not be developed in other ways. Because of TemPark’s permeability, the land was successfully re-purposed. And, compared to the off-site leasing, TemPark cut the company’s costs by more than 30 percent.



Another one of the Big Three automobile manufacturers

Ypsilanti, MI – 100 AcresYpsilanti.jpg

Project Scope: Customer had leased multiple off-site parking areas, complicating inventory management. Costs were high based on transportation of vehicles between sites plus the additional expenses of inventory damage, inspection, and security. Permanent sites were evaluated and found cost-prohibitive with permitting to take 1-2 years.

TemPark Advantage: As a full turnkey project, TemPark consolidated 10 sites into 1. TemPark procured the site, performed full soil testing/engineering, designed the solution and delivered the completed project ahead of schedule and under budget. Permitting was completed in 60 days. Customer saved 50% of hard costs.


Another of the Big Three automobile manufacturers

Oakville, Ontario, Canada – 57 Acres

Project Scope: This customer wanted to single-source project based off a vendor’s core competency to deliver a turnkey parking area. Because of Canadian zoning restrictions, no other resource was able to provide both site procurement and complete permitting for a permanent facility.

TemPark Advantage: The TemPark team found this 57-acre site and successfully completed all permitting. A completely turnkey solution, the cost of this project was able to be 100% expensed as tax deduction immediately as opposed to the long-term amortization of a permanent site improvement.


Another of the Big Three automobile manufacturers

Chicago, IL – 25 Acres

Project Scope: Multiple off-site locations created the typical inventory management headaches and transportation costs – plus the additional expenses of inventory damage, inspection and security.

TemPark Advantage: By consolidating the capacity of multiple sites into a single, secure area, TemPark saved cash.



Hayes Wheels

Romulus, MI – 1 Acre

Project Scope: Asphalt considered too expensive.

TemPark Advantage: TemPark designed a high-quality solution that saved 80% of the cost of asphalt – in radically less time.